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We are proud of projects where EVLO energy storage is powering a brighter future.

Integrating renewable energies

Energy storage systems in off-grid communities in Northern Québec

Quaqtaq, Québec

In the isolated and off-grid Inuit community of Quaqtaq, Hydro-Québec is testing the integration of new technologies in solar power and energy storage so as to optimize the penetration of renewable energy in off-grid systems.

Quaqtaq is one of the northernmost inhabited villages in Québec: average temperatures here go below -40 °C in winter months. We’re testing 69 solar panels and two EVLO 500 Arctic systems, which can operate at temperatures as low as −60 °C.

In-service date: 2018

  • 2x EVLO 500
  • 69 solar panels

Resilience and energy efficiency

First neighborhood-sized microgrid in Québec at the heart of a new city center

Lac-Mégantic, Québec

Following the July 2013 rail disaster and the destruction of its downtown core, Lac-Mégantic faced multiple challenges: physical reconstruction, social rehabilitation and economic diversification, to name but a few.

Today, Lac-Mégantic has its sights set on the future. EVLO is playing a role in rebuilding the area with its safety-oriented technology. A microgrid will increase the resiliency of the electrical supply and provide a large source of renewable power for the downtown area. The project links approximately 1,700 solar panels with two safe and sustainable EVLO 500 energy storage systems. This new neighborhood-sized microgrid will service 40 buildings in the city’s core while offering residents electric vehicle charging and, in select locations, advanced home automation controls for more efficient energy management.

In-service date: Fall 2020

  • 2x EVLO 500
  • 1,700 solar panels

Optimizing peak-period consumption

Installation of energy storage in a commercial building

Blainville, Québec

Our compact, safe and sustainable EVLO 125 product excels in behind-the-meter applications where energy storage solutions operate in very close proximity to the buildings they support. In the town of Blainville, Québec, four EVLO 125 systems installed in a 69,000-sq. ft. office building are coupled with an advanced EVLO Energy Management System. Designed to optimize the building’s energy usage, this solution has reduced the building’s peak consumption by nearly 15%.

In-service date: 2019

  • 4x EVLO 125

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