EVLO 500 / EVLO 1000

These 500-kWh and 1-MWh ruggedized, scalable energy storage systems are ideal for utility applications, including renewable energy integration, microgrid development, peak shaving, backup power and grid resilience.

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  • Utility-scale, mobile, outdoor solutions with quick setup time on site
  • Perform well in harsh environmental conditions
  • Proprietary battery chemistry for enhanced safety and sustainability
  • Remote and local real-time monitoring of systems
  • Turnkey

    Each container includes proprietary, safe and sustainable battery modules, and systems providing battery management, HVAC, insulation and fire protection.
  • Scalable

    Our compact EVLO 500 solution is enclosed in a 10-ft. container and provides 500 kWh of energy storage. EVLO 1000 is housed in a 20-ft. container offering 1 MWh of storage. Single units can be easily combined to support multi-MW projects.
  • Wide operating temperature range

    Also available in Arctic and Tropical configurations. We have developed highly specialized HVAC, insulation and ventilation systems that allow our solutions to operate at full performance in the most demanding environmental conditions.
  • Advanced software solutions

    Our in-house simulation software can determine the size of the EVLO energy storage system required for each customer’s unique application. We also offer advanced Energy Management System software that can remotely monitor and control an EVLO system while optimizing applications, including static and dynamic peak shaving, renewable energy integration, microgrid support and cold start.
  • EVLO 500

    EVLO 500

  • EVLO 1000

    EVLO 1000

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