EVLO 125

This indoor 125-kWh rack-mounted energy storage solution is compact, modular and ideal for commercial applications, including renewable energy integration, energy bill management and demand charge reduction.

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  • Indoor solution ideal for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings
  • Incorporates advanced EVLO software to maximize economic benefit
  • Proprietary battery chemistry for enhanced safety and sustainability
  • Remote and local real-time system monitoring
  • Intelligent

    The rack enclosure includes proprietary, safe and sustainable battery modules, as well as sensors to optimize system performance.
  • Scalable

    EVLO 125 employs a modular design for a scalable approach and can be configured from 125 kWh in a single rack, to 1 MWh in an 8-rack system and beyond.
  • Advanced software solutions

    Our in-house simulation software can determine the size of the EVLO energy storage system for each customer’s unique application. We also offer advanced Energy Management System software to remotely monitor and control an EVLO system while optimizing applications, including static and dynamic peak shaving, renewable energy integration, and cold start.
  • EVLO 125 single configuration

    EVLO 125 single configuration

  • EVLO 125 dual configuration

    EVLO 125 dual configuration

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